I am Marianna Bento. I am a mama of two, a designer and maker of bespoke Greek sandals at the coast of Greece.

I have an unwavering passion for crafting sandals the Greek way, meticulously incorporating traditional techniques and infusing each pair with unique style and elegant details.

This is my short story…

”You must learn to stand on your own Feet for you to handle life”
These words were always my parents’ advice.

My name is Marianna Bento and I present myself as a shoe fashion designer/creator. Half Greek – Half Portuguese I stand on my own ‘Feet’ as
this was the word for mine startup-inspiration.

As a designer I’ve worked for many companies in designing and creating sandals through the past. The keen on detail and design is the evident in everything I do in life and in business as also.
I launched my first Women’s sandal collection as ‘MARBE’,
7 years ago and that first collection has been a runaway success therefore.
Kid’s Creations was just the Follow Up. Hope you really find a good reason to purchase your first Marbe Sandal!!

PS: Whatever you do in life just Stand on your Own feet too,