Handmade Gladiator Leather Sandal : Nefertiti

Elevate your style with our black gladiator sandals, a perfect blend of edgy sophistication and comfort. Crafted from high-quality leather, these sandals feature multiple straps that wrap elegantly around your foot and ankle, providing both support and a bold fashion statement. The adjustable buckle closures ensure a secure fit.
Discover the ultimate fusion of style and comfort with these must have classic sandals.
Available in more than 33 colors , and in any color combination !


Size *

Kokkino €0.00 Animal Print €0.00 Asimi €0.00 Atsali €0.00 Black €0.00 Disco €0.00 Fouksia €0.00 Glitter-Black €0.00 Glitter-Blue €0.00 Glitter-Gold €0.00 Glitter-Pink €0.00 Kitrino-Xriso €0.00 Lefko €0.00 Menta €0.00 Metallic-Blue €0.00 Metallic-Leopard €0.00 MultiColor €0.00 Natural-Leather €0.00 Nubuck-Blue €0.00 Nubuck-Dark-Purple €0.00 Nubuck-Fouksia €0.00 Nubuck-Kafe €0.00 Nubuck-Khaki €0.00 Nubuck-Kitrino €0.00 Nubuck-Kroki €0.00 Nubuck-Pouro €0.00 Nubuck-Somon €0.00 Nubuck-Tirquoise €0.00 Rose-Gold €0.00 Staboto-Hriso €0.00 Xriso €0.00 Zebra-Print €0.00
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How it’s being made 

♕ Designed to hold feet with minimal coverage and maximum stability
☀ Authentic Greek handmade
☆ Vegetable – tanned vachetta leather insole
☆ Anti-slip Italian SVIG sole
☆ Genuine leather straps
☆ Extremely flexible & lightweight – easy to walk
☆ An awesome Shoe-Box

What about our Sandals

All of our sandals are handmade in Greece in our workshop using traditional techniques that have existed for centuries.  A raw, yet fashionable aesthetic distinguishes our classic sandals line .
We use the finest materials from local suppliers.
For any further assistance drop us a message ,


• Made in Greece

Eco-friendly information

• Packaging: Recyclable
• Product Materials: Nontoxic
• Production: Ethically sourced